Online Peer Support Forum

The Thyroid Cancer Canada Online Forum is a moderated, peer-support program, similar to a chatroom. The TCC Online Forum helps you to connect with hundreds of patients from across Canada. It is a private place – you can use an alias name on your icon identity if you prefer. We have a 2-step process to join, as this helps us keep out spammers (we approve all new members before they can join in, just to to help insure they are actually patients or family members). You can post questions or simply read what other patients are saying about what it is like to get a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, have surgery, treatment and deal with the ‘new normal’ of life after thyroid cancer. It has sections that help direct you to areas of interest, such as newly diagnosed, or having RAI treatment, etc. There are no restrictions to the length of your comments or postings.

Advantages of Thyroid Cancer Canada’s Online Forum:

  • access is private, identity can be private, and login is required
  • registration is private, only the moderators can view your email address (in case of emergency)
  • it’s moderated by patients just like you, who make it their goal to be supportive to all members
  • it’s a great learning environment; thousands of questions have already been asked, and you may find some interesting information just by reading the archives
  • we ask you to be courteous to others, but it is a great place to “rant” about any frustrations or emotional trauma you may be feeling (you may find you’re not alone in that regard!)
  • if you ask a medical question suitable to the wider audience, we may be able to submit it to the Medical Advisory Panel (our own medical experts) for a generalized response

Note: The Thyroid Cancer Canada Online Forum is peer-based forum, which means it is moderated by volunteer patients, not medical professionals.

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How do I join?

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email (usually within a business day), and you can access all areas of the Forum.

How will my privacy be protected?

You can register with an alias and do not have to share any identifying information through this forum. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.